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Thu. 7/29 All day Ali's Birthday, Rajab 13 Observed by Shi'i communities.
Sat. 7/31 All day Day of Victory, Rajab 15
Fri. 8/6 All day Transfiguration
Sun. 8/15 All day Assumption Day
Sun. 9/5 All day Exaltation of Mahomet, Rajab 20
Sun. 9/12 All day Lailat al-Miraj, Rajab 27 Commemoration of Muhammed's ascent into Heaven.
Thu. 9/30 All day Imam Mahdi's Birthday, Shaban 15 The birthday of the last of the twelve imams. Observed by the Shi'i community
All day Lailat al-Bara'ah, Shaban 15 The night of the full moon, when the Prophet entered Mecca. It is believed to be the night on which the destinies for the coming year are written. Also known as Borak's Night, or in Persian, Shab-i-Barat.
Sat. 10/2 All day Feast of the Guardian Angels
All day Feast of the Gaurdian Angles Catholic day
Sat. 10/23 All day Creation
Wed. 11/10 All day Laylat al-Qard, Ramadan Night of Power. The night when the Koran was first revealed to the Prophet
Sun. 11/14 All day Eid al-Fitr, Shawwal Feast of Fast Breaking.
Wed. 11/17 All day Jamat al-Vida, Shawwal 4
Sun. 11/28 All day Feast of Christ the King
All day Advent Sunday Sunday closest to St Andrew's Day begins the Advent season and the beginning of the ecclesiastical year. There are four Advent Sundays before Christmas.
Wed. 12/8 All day Immaculate Conception
Sat. 12/25 All day Christmas
Tue. 12/28 All day Childermas
Wed. 1/5 All day Epiphany Eve
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